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Programmatic Trader Survey 2019

On the front lines, programmatic traders grapple with multiple technologies, platforms and buying ecosystems daily. Challenged to respond quickly to data from a number of data sources, traders are expected to be thinkers and doers – analysing data on the go and acting on them with timely optimisations to ensure effective campaigns.

With more dollars at stake, coupled with the pressing need for marketing efforts to be data-driven, real-time and accountable, the work of programmatic traders holds a crucial place in how well advertisers engage with their consumers.

This report will offer a glimpse into how programmatic traders trade and how today’s campaign demands affect optimization strategies and reporting needs.

Survey Highlights

  • Almost 20% of respondents use 8 platforms or more on a daily basis.
  • 65% of traders surveyed manage 6 or more campaigns at a given time.
  • 28.5% said over 80% of reports were done manually.
  • The “natural state” for most trading teams (69%) appears to be an operating environment comprising up to 8 platforms. 
  • The majority of respondents shared that 50% of reports were done manually, and this was most prevalent for performance campaigns.